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force shahidforce shahid 

Add more fields in search layou section in add invities fumction

Hi Friends,
I need to add some more fields in search layout section in Add invities fucntion on New Event.How can i do this ?
Screenshot :
User-added image
Hi Shahid,

As the lookup is looking into different srtandard objects, updating the srtandard search layouts individually should give you what you need.
Try searching for user search layouts, leads search layouts and contact search laytous and updarte accordingly.

Hope it helps
force shahidforce shahid
Hi ,
Thanks for your information. I didn't understand in which section i update the search layout. 
When i click the Add Invities button on the Event page, then this page will be displayed. Now in which object i need to update the search layout.
Hi Shahid,

1. Click on setup
2. In the setup search for search layouts, dont press enter just type it, you should be able to see the list of standard search layouts which you need.