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Brian StoiberBrian Stoiber 

Check that the challenge is complete missing?

Has anyone ever had an issue where you are unable to check that the challenge is complete? I am trying to finish up the Admin Beginners module and on the Create and customize List Views module, I have no option to check that the challenge is completed. 
Bernard Philipsen 6Bernard Philipsen 6
Hi Brian,
With me its similar, but at first I had completed it earlier as part of the same Admin beginners module. And I'm at the other side of the ocean in Eiurope. So it became a worldwide issue.  
Brian StoiberBrian Stoiber
I had thought I already completed the Admin Beginner badge a while ago. Maybe it will solve itself over time.
Ruchika BishtRuchika Bisht
It is fixed now, please complete the module.