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Antigoni TsouriAntigoni Tsouri 

Community builder error "Can not read property 'def' of undefined"

I have extracted the metadata of a community from one sandbox, (network, site and siteDotCom and all other relevant such as Lightning components) and have deployed them with ant in another sandbox. When I go to the newly created community in the target sandbox and try to access the builder the following error occurs in chrome: 
User-added image
If I click close, the builder is loading indefinitely. The error in firefox and safari is a little more detailed:
User-added image
So far I have tried the following but nothing resolved the issue
- Flushing my cache
- Different browsers
- Publishing the community and trying again - Renaming the community to remove any spaces from the name
- Searching for the term 'Branding' and 'def' in the metadata deployed, nothing appears
- Trying to find the custom branding, can not edit it as the builder loads indefinitely.
Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance !