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Bailey RuddBailey Rudd 

Is there a way to query an API call's date AND time?

The API standard report that Salesforce provides is to general to be of any use to me. I've had problems in my org where periodically extremely large API calls will crop up out of nowhere, and put us over our limit. The latest instance of this was 1 week ago, a API call (40,000) was counted on a Thursday. But that's all I can see, which doesn't help me at all. I can't ask for my IT's team assistance because I don't have enough details on when the call was made on that day. Otherwise they would have to comb through huge log files for a 24 hour period - something totally out of the question. 
I NEED a way to get specifc information on the date/time of a API call. I'm really really hoping someone has information on how to get that - Salesforce inquiries all lead me here, they won't assist because its a 'development issue'. 

Thanks in advance,