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Mobile sdk- Use Case Analysis

Hi All,

Use case analysis:-

We have a requirement to develop a mobile app which can be deployed on Android and iOS.
  • The app must be accessible to any user(not just salesforce user) who uses Android or iOS smartphone.
  • The app needs a login and signup with basic details.
  • The user should be able to see any Salesforce campaign details and any user who is willing to participate in the campaign should be able to signup(express interest) for the campaign.The user details and it's associated campaign details need to be stored in Salesforce
  • The user should also be able to track all their campaigns using the app

We are planning to implement this use case using Salesforce Mobile SDK but do not have any prior experience with mobile SDK.We want to know if this is feasible to implement with salesforce mobile SDK.If yes, what all resources do we need in order to implement this.Any help is much appreciated.Thanks in advance