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Deepak G 9Deepak G 9 

How to allign text in text area left in visualforce page?

HI All,
I have Text area as below, I need to alling text to left, I can see some space in left, I want to remove that.
Kindly help.
User-added image

<table style="padding-left:180px;">
<textarea readonly="readonly" style = "resize:none; max-height:100px; min-height:100px; resize:horizontal; max-width:845px; min-width:845px;">
                CST MUST include detailed notes to explain all SEV increases 
                What is the business Impact:

                Please describe the issue with as much detail as possible including specific error messages:

Thanks in Advance,
Gokula KrishnanGokula Krishnan
Hi Deepak,

In your code, you have given space before the text CST(line 05), What(line 07) and Please(line 09). Delete the space, then it will looks aligned in left.


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