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Stancioiu Stefan 1Stancioiu Stefan 1 

Lightning components help !

Hi guys! I'm new on Salesforce, can anybody help me with this ?
  1. Create a custom object called Case_Products__c (junction object between Case and Product2 standard objects.
  2.  Implement a lightning component with a text field where the agent will input the order number. Once he presses on Search, the controller will search the order in the system and:Display Order details such as Order Number, Status, Amount (read only fields
  3.  Display a list of the associated Order products. Each product must be selectable (checkbox)
  4.  Create a button to identify all selected items and for each item, create a Case Product record.
  5.  Make sure there is a Select All button, too.
  6.  Lightning Design system must be used and all CSS or JS code must be added to Static Resources.
Hello Stancioiu,

This developer forum is used to resolve issue if you got stuck anywhere. I can see that you are expecting a complete new component that needs to be created. I suggest you can hire someone to help you out on this.

Or try creating this and when there are any issues, you can ask questions anytime.