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Beto Carvalho 11Beto Carvalho 11 

As of Winter '17, is it possible to reference the Lightning Design System (SLDS) icons in a formula?

Anyone know how to reference an org's built-in SLDS icons in a formula (if possible at all). At the recent Lightning Tour I was told by a Salesforce presenter that it would be possible, but I can't figure out how.


Previous to Winter '17 one would have to upload SLDS components onto a Salesforce org as static resources in order to use them. Like this:

IF ( 
PricebookEntry.Product2.KGRenewal__Subscription__c = true, IMAGE("/resource/1488322284000/LDS_Icons/assets/icons/utility/like_60.png", "Yes", 15, 15), IMAGE("/resource/1488322284000/LDS_Icons/assets/icons/utility/dislike_60.png", "No", 15, 15)

In Winter '17 you can access SLDS directly using the $Asset global variable [release note (https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/spring17/release-notes/rn_vf_asset_variable.htm)], but this necessitates the URLFOR() function, which is not usable (as far as I know) in a formula.
Alberto Minardi 1Alberto Minardi 1
Hello Beto,
did you find a proper way to reference SLDS icons in a formula field?
Markus SchmidMarkus Schmid
Hi Beto,
yoursalesforceurl.com/logos/ you can find standard icons which can be used for referencing in formula fields. At least there are some of the icons from SLDS available.