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Siddharth Birari.ax1164Siddharth Birari.ax1164 

Error In Profile Deployment


We have been facing one issue while carrying out the Profile Deployment from Sandbox (Partial Copy) to the Production Environment. Below is the error which we are getting.

In field: field - no CustomField named Account.SalesforceCustomer found

We verified that the Account.SalesforceCustomer field does exist in the Source environment and not in the Production environment however it's not a Custom Field but a Standard Field.

Can anyone please let us know on which feature in Salesforce creates this Standard Field. Also, how to overcome this problem to ensure a seamless deployment.

Balaji BondarBalaji Bondar
Hi Siddharth,

The searchResultsField is only available to the object once the Tab is defined so try deploying it after tab deployment.
Refer below link :

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Siddharth Birari.ax1164Siddharth Birari.ax1164


Thanks Balaji for your inputs, however here we're concerned about Account.SalesforceCustomer field.