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URL is converting to lowercase whenever we are clicking a command button

Hi All,

we are construting an URL and using a window.open() method to open up a pop up window.
But when we are checking the URL on pop up window, it is coming in lowercase. but we are creating the URL in a cross cases.

we are also checking the URL just before it is entering into window.open() and found out URL is correct.
can anyone came acorss such situation and let me know how they had came out of it.

Thanks in advace !

I just come accross wiki and found this.

Normalizations that preserve semantics[edit]
The following normalizations are described in RFC 3986 [1] to result in equivalent URLs:
Converting the scheme and host to lower case. The scheme and host components of the URL are case-insensitive. Most normalizers will convert them to lowercase. Example:
HTTP://www.Example.com/ → http://www.example.com/


The absolute url is always in lower case and the parameters and relative path may be changed.

Ashlekh Gera
Thanks Ashlekh