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Erik John PErik John P 

Visualforce page button opens blank screen

Hello there,  I have a Visualforce page button on my opportunity page in lightning (Winter '17).  it is supposed to link to our ERP system for creating orders.  when I click the link, it simply "blanks" out the page.  I'm left with the menu of objects left to right at the top, but everything below that is blank and it doesn't do to the desired location.  Any help is appreciated!

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity"> <script> http://MAGICDEV/magicxpi4_1/MGrqispi.dll?appname=IFSSF_JDE&prgname=HTTP&arguments=-AJDE_INT%23TS&OppID={!Opportunity.Id} </script> </apex:page>
Gordon EngelGordon Engel
I can't tell if what you are trying to do will work, but based on your desired result it seems to me you should be looking at a Canvas App in Visualforce. I hope someone else can help you with your script, but here's the Canvas guide if you want to look into that.

Erik John PErik John P
thank you Gorden, I will check that out.