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Nicole SackinNicole Sackin 

Visualforce Approval Page for a Custom Object with a link to the Box page from the related Opportunity


There are three objects that are at play here:
Opportunities, Projects (a custom object I created), and Box files.
Opportuinities and Project have lookup relationships
Opportunities are tied to a specific Box folder.

I am trying to create a Page that shows the information from a newly created Project (Name, Date, Status, Related Opportunity) AND the Box folder from the Related Opportunity.

Is this possible?

Surya Teja 44Surya Teja 44
Yes its pretty easy. I am hoping that you are trying to create an visual force page. If that's the case, i suggest that in you constructor, pass the id of the newly created project. 

Then, use it to get the related Opportunity. Opps =  [Select id, name from Opportunity where Id = 'projects_opportunity_lookup']
Once you have the Opp id, make another query call to fetch the box folder. [Select id, name from box where Opportunity_Lookup = 'Opps.id']

Then display it on the VF page. 
Nicole SackinNicole Sackin
I am having difficulty getting the project id and related Opportunity id AND the box frame on the same VF page.