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Guillaume Loubier CGIGuillaume Loubier CGI 

URL Rewrite for Internal users

Is that possible to do URL Rewriting on my.salesforce.com (not on Sites)
I have internal user's login in Salesforce directly and access to a third party website through visualforce pages
I'm using Site for dealers and my.salesforce.com for internal users.

I have read on URL Rewriting for Sites, but that can't be apply in my case as this is not the URL in my site I wish to rewrite but  a few url from my.salesforce.com 

For example, I want to rewrite URL like:

to something more user friendly like

This is mainly because my client need those rewrited url for internal rules on their network...
Guillaume Loubier CGIGuillaume Loubier CGI
Note that I have multiple tabs on internal side that displays different third party website's pages. All pages are passing through the same visualforce page with same controller. Also, dealer (users on Site) are using this same visualforce page & controller.

If I could apply rewritting rules directly in the contoller that would be great but not sure this is possible as all the solution I implentes Site.UrlRewriter