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Check if api enabled


We are proposing a Salesforce connector that need API enable to our custumers. We would like to check if a user has a Salesforce account with API enabled as soon as he did the oauth2 process.

Can someone know something about checking if an account is API enabled?

Thank you!
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Firstly there are editions of Salesfore which may not enable API. 
I have provided a link here below. 

API are enabled at the profile level which users are associated to. 
TO check this go to SETUP, PROFILES, click on the profile, THEN system permissions and make sure the API ENABLED checkbox is clicked.(which can be seen below.)
User-added image

Hope it helps.
jean-philippe lingrand 9jean-philippe lingrand 9

Hello! and Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I think your proposition is not matching our needs.

Our customers enable our Salesforce connector through oauth2 process. So we cannot go the the Setup and so on..