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Roman VRoman V 

Box.com integration issues


 So we installed Box app, and enabled all permissions, signed in with service account and personal accounts but still unable to see anything on the box files tab as well as box component panel on standard and custom objects .

Does the installation apply to the new salesforce lightning version?  Or are there specific admin settings that need to be changed as well for it to show up?

FYI:  box files tab is completely empty without any box  references as well as component boxes in standard and custom objects.  It looks as though it is not even connecting to Box.com 

 All help would be greatly appreciate it !
Roman VRoman V
UPDATE: Tryed opening saleforce on chrome and now it shows "Page Error
The page you were viewing has expired. Please go back and try your request again." I try to login but it says "page has expired"

Previusly i used safari, all box.com components do not show anything. 

FYI: I do see a new root folder I created in box settings in the box account. So it does seem to connect but no content is showing.

Any ideas?

Thjank You!
silpa garikapatisilpa garikapati
Hi  All,

I am integrating box  with salesforce i am not able to view my file getting issue.Please provide me view file URL.

Thank You.
Sneha Bhatkande 1Sneha Bhatkande 1
I am facing the same issue with one of my user. Please let me know if you got any answers for this