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Sridhar V 18Sridhar V 18 

Approval process, Role hierarchy and Modify All

Hi All,

I have below scenario in one of my projects and i am not able to figure out a way to achieve this. Coud you please help me on this.

We have one level approval process defined on Object A which goes to the user's manager for approval. 
Now, the request is apart from manager there should also be certain Profiles who should be able to approve

OWD on Object A is set to Private.
Role hierarchy:
1. System Admin
2. National Level --> Should be able to Approve all the records of Object A.
3. Region level1, Region level2, Region3 , Region4 etc. all these report to the National Level. --> Should be able to approve only for records under his region.
4. District level.
5. Territory level.

When we give Modify All permission on Object A to the Profile, then we are able to see the approve action link in the Approval related List. The problem here is if we give Modify all to region level, he will be to see all the records even which are not present under his region.
is there a way we could set the users of a particular profile be able to approve the program without providing modify All. i.e. he should be able to see only records under his region and approve only those.

Now,Request is --> apart from this manager there should also be a set of users who should be able to approve. These users are set at the top of the hierarchy.