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Brandon WhiteBrandon White 

Obtain the complete list of Picklist values via REST API (both active and inactive)

Is there a way of listing ALL the picklist values, both active or inactive via the REST APIs?

For example, we can obtain an incomplete list of picklist values for the Case object via:
or alternatively for a specific field Case Type
/services/data/v38.0/tooling/query/?q=SELECT Metadata FROM FieldDefinition WHERE EntityDefinition.QualifiedApiName = 'Case' AND FieldDefinition.QualifiedApiName = 'Type'

However, with both lists, on can observe that active or isActive have the value of true, and no 'inactive' values are returned.
Yet through the Case configuration interface (or any picklist configuration interface), the set of possible values that are active are shown with a table of inactive values below.

This behaviour is slightly problematic, as non-restricted picklists can be set to any value that is not in the active picklist values, however, the new value is by default inactive.

If there is no way of retrieving both active and inactive values, is there perhaps an easy way to mark a value as active via the REST API?