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Utathya Roy 16Utathya Roy 16 

financial service cloud client page

I am trying to set up the financial service cloud.
I have followed the instructions as per their implementation guide,

However, I am stuck in the step where the client page and the household page needs to be configured. They are configured through lightning app builder where the managed package's client record page or the household page needs to be activated for all or for specific profiles. I have tried both. However, when I add the client or the household tab in an app and try to access them , I see the error message which says.
"This page isn't configured. Ask your Salesforce administrator for help."

User-added image

I initially thought that it could be because I did not add the logged in user the Advisor Access permission set (part of the managed package), since I missed that step. But doing so, did not change the behaviour at all. I have re-validated the steps from the begining , till this point with no positive results.
has any one while implementing FS cloud faced similar issues? Any direction may be helpful.
Hi Utathya,

I'm also facing same issue. could you able to sort out this issue?

I tried with re-installing the FSC packages as per exact steps in implementation guide but it didn't solved the problem

if you able to sort out it please let me know the solution. 

Hi Utathya,

Do you have any guidance on solving this issue? "This page isn't configured. Ask your Salesforce administrator for help."
dacology medacology me
Same here... I have done the setup as per implementation guide (the guide is a bit out of date). 
I've spent quite a few days now trying to get FSC setup. It is not really a "cloud" is it!! ;-)
Sailakshmi Madhuri Guruju 1Sailakshmi Madhuri Guruju 1
There is a change in how the Client and household records are displayed with FSC startting Winter '17 release. They are no longer accessicle from tabs and could be accessed via the standard Account list view. Below is the article for more details.

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