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Emily Walton 10Emily Walton 10 

Problem with "Automate Pre-Workshop Tasks with Flow" Trailhead

I am stuck on "Automate Pre-Workshop Task with Flow" under the section: "Use the Contact Values to Populate the Campaign Members Collection"
It says that I should be able to enter these variables for Assignment 1 and Assignment 2
Assignment 1: {!CampaignMemberRecord.ContactId} | equals | {!ContactRecord.Id}
Assignment 2: {!CampaignMemberRecord.CampaignId} | equals | {!CampaignIDFromPB}

However, it only had me create the variables: {!CampaignMemberRecord} and {!CampaignMemberRecord}

So how do I get these variables to become {!CampaignMemberRecord.CampaignId} and {!CampaignMemberRecord.ContactId} ???

Do I create 2 more SObject Variables? 
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

You should see those values in the dropdown.when you click SOBJECT VARIABLE -- CampaignMemberRecord --- CampaignId.

Please refer below screenshot.

User-added image
Hope this helps you!

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Lisa SouletLisa Soulet
I also found that by typing in the beginning of each value, SF would provide a default value below which I could then select.