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Merita Osmani 7Merita Osmani 7 

How do I by pass validation rule in Process Builder?

Hi Community,

can someone please help me figuring out how to bypass a validation rule on contacts?

I created two processes with the Process Builder:

1. (on Contact) Update Contact.MailingAddress, when AccountID is changed 
2. (on Account) Update Contact.MailingAddress of all related contacts, when Account.BillingAddress is changed. 

Validattion rule:

NOT($Setup.VRBatchExclusionSetting__c.IsBatchExcluded__c) && 

TEXT(Begr_ndung_E_Mail_fehlt__c ) = '' && 

Email = ''

Thank u in advance! 

karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

kinldy refer below thread for same issue 
it might help you, 


Hope this will help you.
Saravanan Sivalingam 1Saravanan Sivalingam 1
please explain your query clearly, do you want to trigger or don’t want to trigger the validation rule while update.