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Laura GilLaura Gil 

How to make a flow work like an Assignment rule?

Hi all,

Unfortunately I could not find any blog where a flow is used to let it work the way an assignment rule does.
The problem with assignment rules is that you can not use inline editing.

The functionality of an assignment rule is:

- Under certain conditions (you have this option) you assign a Lead or Case to a user or queue
- If this is a queue, someone in the queue will take ownertship of the lead or case record, so the record ownership changes from a queue to an individual

Especially the last point is where I don't know how to implement it in a flow. If I update a Lead record (flow on Lead), the Owner stays always at the Queue when I want to change the ownership to an individual.

So, my flow is not doing what I would like to achieve.
The second issue: When I change the status and Reason to something else, which doesn't fulfill the conditions in the flow, the owner always stays at the specified queue, in this case "Marketing Queue".

Why? I would appreciate some guidance:

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