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Engy SamaanEngy Samaan 

Remove Multi-Factor Authentication

I am want to turn off the Multi-Factor Authentication when I log in. I tried to remove the "Multi-Factor Authentication" from Setup > Security > Session Settings. But still when I log in it keeps asking me. Any other way to accomplish that
ayu sharma devayu sharma dev
To bypass the two-factor authentication you can add your IP in the Network access settings.
Go to setup and search for "Network Access". Select Network Access and create New there with your IP ranges. After this Salesforce will bypass the two-factor Authentication if you are using provided IP address.
Let me know if it helps.
Engy SamaanEngy Samaan
Thanks, Ayu Sharma, does this will be stoped In Feb of 2022,  when SF is making MFA required for all users?
ayu sharma devayu sharma dev
Although I am not able to find anything about it right now, most likely Users will still be able to bypass the MFA if they are within the trusted IP ranges.
Simon TasievskiSimon Tasievski
Does/will this work if you have a VPN connection as that always changes? My feeling is that it won't. This MFA is annoying af! What, is someone going to hack my laptop, then hack my salesforce to see my "leads" and "opportunities"??
What a joke. We should be able to turn this crap off entirely considering we pay so much for the software