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prasanth sfdcprasanth sfdc 

UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW email to case, please help

In case trigger code, I have the below logic,  When more than 3 email to cases are creating at same time (creating under same Account record), I am getting this error.  Please help me to solve this. 

even error is coming, the cases are created and updated sucessfully. 

This  logic in after insert/ update section of trigger. 
if ( newCase.RecordTypeid == RecordTypeHelper.CASES.GENERAL is &&
        ) {
            Case clonedCase = new Case(Id = newCase.Id);
            String uuId = ApexUtils.encodeValue(newCase.Id);
            clonedCase.SecureUpload_Link__c = settings.Site_Url__c + '?hashCode=' + uuId;

if (!casesToUpdate.isEmpty()) {
   update casesToUpdate;
} catch(Exception e) {

AbhinavAbhinav (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi  Prasanth,

Have you check this link which expalin general casuse of this error and work around.


If it helps mark it as best answer.

prasanth sfdcprasanth sfdc
Hi Abhinav,  
Earlier I have implemented this code also with for update . but no use, please review once. 
//Updates these cases to generate the SU Link in the future
            if (!casesToUpdate.isEmpty()) {
                //Fix for 'Unable to lock row' issue
                Map<Id, Case> casesMap = new Map<Id, Case>(casesToUpdate);
                Map<Id, Case> lockedCasesForUpdateMap = new Map<Id, Case>([SELECT Id FROM Case WHERE Id IN :casesMap.keySet() LIMIT 9990 FOR UPDATE]);
                for (Id key : lockedCasesForUpdateMap.keySet()) {
                    Case updatedCase = casesMap.get(key);
                    lockedCasesForUpdateMap.put(updatedCase.Id, updatedCase);
                update lockedCasesForUpdateMap.values();