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Hi ,

I have a small query which needs clarification

1) I have a checkbox on case object which would check automatically if the case status is set to "Closed" and uncheck if its changed to "Reopened"

2) I have a workflow outbound message based on the above checkbox on case

My query is if the checkbox is checked initially and satisfies the workflow entry critiera the workflow outbound message will be queued 

If it is unchecked will the existing queue be removed automatically or will it still send the outbound message. if so how to prevent it if queued and the entry critieria is changed at a later point of stage.

Kindly help me on the same. Thanks in advance

Andrew GAndrew G

My basic understanding is that if it is a queued event based on a time frame, then if the criteria change before the timeframe expires, then the queued activity is removed.

So, if you change a case status to "assigned" and give it to a person, and that person has 2 hours to mark the case as "accepted" else they receive a reminder email.  Once they accept the case, the queue event will no longer exist. 
You can view the queued events under Process Automation > Flows ... scroll down to "Paused and Waiting Interviews"

If, as it sounds in your case, the outbound message is sent straight away, and there fore won't be in the queue and therefore can't be cancelled by a later change in the checkbox.