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Krutika BhavsarKrutika Bhavsar 

Service Cloud Specialist Superbadge;challenge no :6

 Stuck at Challenge no:6
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can't find the Cloudy Weather response sent reusable text. Ensure the Macro adds the Cloudy Weather response sent reusable text to the description.
Also not able to add Update Case action in Instruction.
As shown in image,Update Case cannt be added to instruction.
Completed all the steps mentioned above related to this error.
Please help on this.

Hey, Krutika!

I was able to pass through that challenge with just two activities in the Macro:

- The 1st one selecting the template Cloudy weather;
- The 2nd one selecting the quick action created to change the case status and description (at this part you have to select the quick text).

PS: When creating the page layout of your quick action, remember to keep the fields: status (required) and description on the page layout.

Please, take a look at my screenshots:

User-added image
User-added image

I hope those instructions can help you.

If you were able to pass, please select that answer as the best one.


Supriya Konde 9Supriya Konde 9
Unable to Complete Superbadge Service Cloud Specialist Step 6 ,Getting Error Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: We can't find the 'Select Case' macro. Ensure the Macro selects the case currently being worked. whereas MAcro is working fine , I am getting an email and even status is getting updated to closed . Please suggest
Badr ZahraneBadr Zahrane
Hello Krutika, 
I hope you found a solution. 
Im having the same issue right now. "Update a record" is not clickable and therefore I can't add an instruction.
Were you able to figure it out please ?
Daniel Ramirez 19Daniel Ramirez 19
Hi, I'm also having the problem that Update a Record is not clickable. Do you have any recommendation???
Daniel Ramirez 19Daniel Ramirez 19
I just found the solution.
The "Update Record" quick action is not available, so I selected the lightning card with the details of the case and selected the Status to Closed, then added to Description the Quick text I created.
User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Kamalanath Annamalai 18Kamalanath Annamalai 18

Hi All, While trying this challenge I am lost on  finding out why Email quick action is missing on case page. I have tried several articles for the same and none working. Moreoever despite several refreshes, my layout does not match with display. I have amny quick actions although they are not in may case object  layout

. Original layouts added


Quick actions many even though not on layout definition

Not sure what am I missing. I think this is happening after creating process builder, quick text for this challenge.

Did anyone go through similar case ? Thanks.

Kamalanath Annamalai 18Kamalanath Annamalai 18
I have found the cause. System admin was assigned a different page layout in earlier challenges and there need to be edited !