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Natasha AliNatasha Ali 

Developing first RESTful API integration

So I'm creating a Salesforce integration through the REST API to connect out org with an external third party software. Essentially the user will change a 'Status' on a custom object record in Salesforce, this would then trigger an API call to get results information from the third party and populate that data in a field on the corresponding record in Salesforce/

How would I go about starting this? What are the different components I need to develop the integration?

Any help is much appreciated!!
Many Thanks,
Hi Natasha,
This can be acheived in many different ways depending upon how your enterprise is setup and what kind of middleware brokers you already have and how frequently you want the data to flow around.

Please find the integration points by using callouts and API.

From Salesforce to External System:
(WebService Callout to the REST end point of broker or external system) SF - (Broker - IIB/MQ - Optional) - external system.

From External System to Salesforce:
Build a REST API. The external system will consume your REST API to update the field back.

Krishna Avva