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Rajendra Prasad 44Rajendra Prasad 44 

Validation rules with trigger scenario doubt

 If the amount__c > 100. Show error by validation rule. If I update the value from 90 to 120. What happens in before update trigger scenario and after update scenario. is it will show error in both scenario? I think it will show error on both scenarios 
Raji MRaji M
Hi Rajendra,

I don't understand your question here. Are you asking about when error will be invoked/triggered? If so find my answer below - 

In salesforce we do have a Order of Execution concept. Please find the link for the same - http://www.asagarwal.com/order-of-execution-rules-triggers-etc-in-salesforce-debug-log/ 

In above scenario, it first executes System Validation Rules and executes Before Update triggers and later Custom Validation Rules  where your Custom Validation (amount__ > 100) satisfy and throw an error.

Hope you got the solution.

Raji M