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Insert CaseMIlestone for existing Cases

Hi developers
I developed the entitlement process with milestones based on case status criteria. Means every status one milestone is there as per requirement. So that case staus is reached to milestone criteria milestone getting started.
Here I did not notice one thing i.e when I changed the case status it will pick milestone right but no running milestone information is stored of before changing case status milestone because that milestone does not update to milestone complete that's why no milestone data is not stored anywhere.

Now I resolved this issue using trigger I'm updating running milestone as completed (once the milestone has completed, this milestone data as stored at casemilestone so no problem for me).

Finally, my question is previously milestone data is not stored right.how do I retrieve previous milestones data of existing case (New milestone completion is trigger will take care of that)?

So I have one idea based case history planning to insert casemilestone records but system not allowing me to insert because only milestone start date and completion time only writable fields remaining all read-only.
What should I do, I want to show to a client this user taking this many hours to complete all milestones like that.