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Ravi KumAR 1060Ravi KumAR 1060 

Error while previewing !

I tried on off everything but still getting --User-added image
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ravi,

On the salesforce, the support team can help you with the error message.

With the help of internal tools, our team will look into it and provide the exact information about why you are facing the issue.

Please raise a case and provide the Error Id, Org Id where you facing the issue.

I hope you find the above information is helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

​​​​​​​Salesforce Support.
Abhishek BansalAbhishek Bansal
Hi Abhishek,

I have posted one question on this forum for the problem that we are not getting automatic replies when someone reply to our questions that we follow. Below is the question link:
Other users are also facing this issue. Since you are from salefsorce support team, can you please guide what we need to do to resolve this. Please provide your help on this.

@Ravi: Sorry for hijacking your question but that is something important for me to get the salesforce notified about the issue.

Abhishek Bansal.
mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi Ravi,

internal server error raised, may be a below reason ,

suppose you have parent component  and Child Cmponent.

/////// parent.cmp////////////

<c:childComp name='test' value "500" status= 'inprocess'>

//////child cmp///////////////

 <aura:attribute name ="value" type="Integet"/>
 <aura:attribute name ="status" type="string"/>

if you remove any line from child component then you will get internal server error.

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