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Herish SurendranHerish Surendran 

How to get the SSO token from Single Sign on provider?

We are using Single sign on to login to Salesforce. We'd like to make an API callout from Salesforce to an internal API. To authenticate to access the API, we'd like to use the session token from the single sign-on to send with the HttpRequest so that the service can validate that the request is coming from a reliable user from salesforce. How to get the user session token that the single sign-on provider sends using Apex?

Any guidance would be helpful. Thank you!
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Herish,

Single Sign on is the process that allows all networks users to access all authorized network resources through single username and password without having different usernames and passwords for every resource in the network.

Below are few references which can give you more information.


Vinay Kumar