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Sushil DholaniSushil Dholani 

How to update data from object which is not directly connected to where it needs to be updated

Hello Salesforce Ohana,
Opportunity is connected with Custom Object A and Custom B.
Custom Object A and Custom Object B are only related by Opportunity (Lookup).

There is one more Custom object C.
Custom Object C is only connected to Custom object B not directly connected with Opportunity or Custom object A.

What I am trying to achieve to is When Custom Object c records are created then one of its fields I need to pass to Custom object A record.

Suppose 3 Custom object C records created so there will be already Custom object A 3 records available where I need to pass value from Custom object C.

It doesn't matter Custom Object C 1st number record data gets attached to Custom object A 3rd number but opportunity needs to be the same as values are unique.


Any suggestions or guidance will be helpful.

Thanks in advance
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Santosh Kumar 348Santosh Kumar 348
Your requirement as per data model doen't sound in sync so I would suggest to evaluate your requirement related to object C and make necessary changes to data model. As through your description it;s not clear why you are using custon object c.
Possible solution to achieve what your requirement:
  • You can have a relationship betwenn object A and object C.
  • You can use Soql to get data from object A. Being third level child of Opportunity. You can query the Opportunity related to Object C record. Create a Map with OppId and object C record using above query.
  • Use another query to get records from object A where parent is opportunity. create another map for OppId and List of object A records.
  • Using both the map you can get the matching records now.
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Santosh Kumar