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deploying first apex trigger


I have been searching online for a while on the answer to this but can't seem to get anything that works so I am posting here, any assistance is appreciated .

I made a very basic apex trigger in sandbox which will stop the insert of a case record if an existing with some matching criteria is found.  I did a few tests with it in the sandbox and know that it works as I would expect it to. 
I can't make the apex triggers on my live org, so I am trying to deploy this trigger from the sandbox I have to my live org via a change set, but I cannot add this single trigger to a change set, it does not appear under apex triggers or any other heading I have searched.  I was thinking this might be linked to it having 0% code coverage (I am not sure how to properly test)  but I really don't know why it won't appear as an option to add to the change set.

Can anyone help with this?  Its just a small trigger I want to add temporarily to stop duplicate cases being inserted when I use the dataloader.

ShirishaShirisha (Salesforce Developers) 


Even if it doesn't have 75% code coverage it should be shown under apex trigger component in changesets.Can you please double check if the trigger is shown on UI.

You can go to setup>search for Apex Triggers in quick find box >check if the required trigger is available.

Also,please provide the screenshot to assist you further.

Thank you!

Shirisha Pathuri