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Partner Community user does not have access to Service Appointment


I have a user with Partner Community license. My goal is to set up the navigation menu of the community in such way that through this menu users can access Service Appointment lists the same way a standard user can open the Service Appointment tab and choose any available record in the list view.

Problem is that the user does not see the list view after clicking on navigation menu item. It throws an error.

Admin preview:

User-added image

What Partner Community user sees:

User-added image

Profile settings of Partner Community user profile:

User-added image

Tabs are also enabled for all objects:

User-added image

What is the problem?
Danish HodaDanish Hoda
Hi there, Please check below points -
1. the Object settings for the Partner profiles, it should atleast have Read access. 
2. the sharing settings, if the OWD is private
Blakely Smith 6Blakely Smith 6
Did you ever get this worked out?
Developer BaseDeveloper Base
@Blakely Smith 6 

Yes, you need to assign your Community users with a Field Service lincence... good luck
Mary Jones 51Mary Jones 51
Indeed, it's all about the settings. I tried to correct them and everything seems to work now. You are great for setting such goals for yourself. For a long time I studied on https://studymoose.com/free-essays/academic-interests-and-goals examples of research paper about academic interests and goals and realized that if you want to succeed, first of all make a clear plan of your actions.