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Frank van Meegen 42Frank van Meegen 42 

How to populate variable in flow on community via url parameter

On my community I have a page with a flow component that shows a screen flow with form fields.

For one of the fields need to be prefilled with a string via the URL. This field is populated via a variable in the flow called ReferralCode.

Passing a value in the variable via the internal url works fine. When I try to do the same for the community URL it does not pass the value of the url.

I tried the following url:

Is this even possible and if yes how can I achieve this?
Paul Karaffa 11Paul Karaffa 11
Doing this is fairly straight-forward once you figure it out. I've outlined it in an example on our company blog post below, but what most people miss, especially when using a community component: Once the flow has been placed in the community, you will need to click on the flow component. You will now see a list of the input variables for your flow. You will need update these for any you want to be passed in. Otherwise, they will pass in as null values. For our example, the input would be {!UniqueToken} if the value in the URL parameter is 'UniqueToken'.

Teri WalkerTeri Walker
Paul, thanks for your blog post. It was a real help and worked great!