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Danielle SDanielle S 

adding products , with different volume monthly

Good day everyone !
I have a question regarding adding the same product with different quantities. 
For instance, we have an opportunity with close date of 06/1/2022, we need to add the Product A , with an anticipated volume of 50 units on  jun, 100 units on July and 150 units  on august and beyond.  When adding the product , I need to add the same product seeral tim ein order to enter the different quantities and dates.
Is there a solution to add the product once and precice the diferents quantites and product dates ?
thank you so very much 
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hey Daya,

It doesn’t make sense if the closing date is in June but the product schedules go till august.

Make closing date to be the max end date on product schedule.

Create a custom component to add the product abs further calculate and display future quantities and it’s rate.

Also update the opportunity close date with the highest date in the product schedule.

If it works, Kindly mark it as the best answer.


Priya Ranjan

Danielle SDanielle S
Hi Priya, 
I don't understand why it does not make sense. We close the deal first then we deliver the product . 
Could you elaborate ;ore , 
I appretiate your help :)