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Andrew DuffyAndrew Duffy 

Change options on a list view

User-added imageIs there a way to add a link/button to this dropdown menu.  It is on an existing Account list view on a lightning page.  The list view has about 30 accounts.  The only options are edit, delete, and change owner.  We have a custom button that sits on the Account record page to generate a data file for export to a third party.  It would save end-users a ton of time if we could put the link there, instead of them having to click into each account record to generate the file.  Any ideas?      
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hey Andrew,

Yes you are correct that way can save lot of times but unfortunaltely we dont have that capabilty currently. This is the standard functionaity and we are limited to it. So it is not possible to edit there but however you can do that using the custom list view. You can create Lightning component and add those buttons again each records.

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Priya Ranjan

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