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Linda Swanson 16Linda Swanson 16 

I have an urgent need to create a trigger.

I have 3 objects: Work Ticket with LU to Parent Tax Acct.  Parent tax account with a MD to Child Tax Account.  I used Rollup helper on the Work ticket to get a count of the Related Parent Tax Accounts and rollup summary on the Parent Tax account to get the count of child tax accots associated with each parent tax account.  Now I need to sum the count of child tax accounts over all related parent tax accounts on the Work Ticket.  Help please.
Andrew GAndrew G
Hi Linda

If I understand the model you describe, why don't you simply use a Formula field on the Work Ticket?


where ParentTaxAccount__c is the lookup field to the Parent Tax Account Object
ChildTaxAccount_Count__c is the rollup summary field on the Parent Tax Account counting the Child Tax Records

Linda Swanson 16Linda Swanson 16
I tried, but it doesn't know the I'd of the parent tax account so the child tax account returns a null. I wish it would have worked.
Linda Swanson 16Linda Swanson 16
Thank you for your help. I can no longer get on the board for whatever reason.... I was able to use a rollup helper summing the child tax accounts of the related parent tax accounts!