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Best practices with deployments via GIT / Kanban settings

To all developers who have knowledge using the GIT Lab:
is it possible to deploy Kanban Settings at all?. My team isn't using change sets for deployments but GIT. Deployments run from the source development environment to GITand from GIT to the target environment, another Sandbox environment.
The target environment is a clone of the Production environment and say, there weren't Kanban Settings configured there.
I configured the Kanban Settings in the source, Sandbox environment and these were overwritten by a refresh made by one of our developers,
I would like to understand how this works as well. Why?:
One of our developers says it is not possible to deploy Kanban settings, this should be a post-deployment step. Now, if this is not possible, how is it possible that the Kanban Settings in the list views I configured before in the source, development environment were overwritten by a refresh from the target ennvironment (clone of the Prod with no Kanban Settings configured)?.
I don't know if my description is clear. If not I would write more details in next comments.
If this is clear I would appreciate explanations, because I don't understand and I am not sure if the developer who said a deployment of the Kanban Settings is not possible, is true.