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SEO for Salesforce Community.

Hi All, I want to know if any one has done seo for salesforce classic community. How to generate the site map.I have read the help article but getting no where to statrt. Can anyone help please.
will won 7will won 7
A sitemap is (usually) an XML document, containing a list of pages on your website that you have chosen to tell Google and other search engines to index.
Google often uses the sitemap file as a guide to the pages available on your website — even though it may decide not to index every page you list on your sitemap.
The sitemap also carries information about each page, including when it was created and last modified, and its importance relative to other pages on your site. This speeds up the process of indexing pages.
A sitemap is one of those rare things in SEO that Google has given the big thumbs up to. Normally, Google likes to talk to website owners in cryptic riddles.
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In Business Manager, select site > Merchant Tools > SEO > Sitemaps.
Click the Custom Sitemaps tab.
Select the host. Sitemap files must be valid sitemap XML files.
Click Upload to upload one or more custom sitemap files. Select XML text or all files.

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