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Camilo Peña 8Camilo Peña 8 

Unmanaged LEX Superbadge package Doesnt work

Here is a link to the trailhead that i am doing https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/superbadges/superbadge_lex

Here is a link to the package that doesnt work

Anant KamatAnant Kamat
Looks like the packageId is changed. Even I got an error but when I clicked the link from the trailhead, the id that came up was 04tB0000000Q3MT. Can you try replacing this id and try to see if you are able to install the LEX Specialist Superbadge Unmanaged Package.
Anant KamatAnant Kamat
Can you please mark the question as solved if your query is resolved :)