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Rahul KasamRahul Kasam 

hands on Challenge Create and enable a compact layout

I am done almost but when i check the challenge it shows me the message please help me to complete this task.Create and enable a compact layout i am facing problem to accomplish

Create and enable a compact layout
Brokers want to see important information about their showings at a glance. Create and implement a new compact layout for accounts.
Create a new account compact layout
Label: Mobile Account Layout
Name: Mobile_Account_Layout
Selected fields: Account Name, Annual Revenue, Phone, Type
Make the new Mobile Account Layout the primary compact layout for accounts
Jessica RiffeJessica Riffe
Is this a new Trailhead playground org you are using?  According to the error, something unexpected is causing the validation to fail.  Per the suggested requirements, I would spin up a new Trailhead playground, make your modifications in the new one, then try to check the challenge.