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Burri rajasekhar reddyBurri rajasekhar reddy 

I am able to create new project in VS code and able to authorize my org. But when i am trying retrieve the metadata getting ERROR running force:source:retrieve: The specified manifest file [package.xml] does not exist, or you don't have access to it.

Jessica RiffeJessica Riffe
Is this a scratch org or a sandbox? 

For me, with sandboxes.  When I create a new project, I have to choose 'SFDX:Create Project From Manifest', then 'SFDX:Authorize an Org'.  Then, once that is finished, I right-click on either the package.xml and choose the option from the menu 'SFDX:Retrieve Source in Manifest From Org'.

Resource  (https://developer.salesforce.com/tools/vscode/en/user-guide/development-models/)
Burri rajasekhar reddyBurri rajasekhar reddy
i have connected to my Developer org. if i use the command "sfdx force:source:retrieve --targetusername <my Dev Org> -x package.xml" in terminal getting the above mentioned error.

if i right click on package.xml and trying to retrieve getting like "no results found". earlier i was able to get the metadata. after enabling DEVHUB and created the scrach org. now i am facing mentioned errors.