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Michael LatulippeMichael Latulippe 

Embedded VisualForce pages not loading in SalesForce Classic using upcoming Chrome 80 w/SameSite cookie updates

We're running into an issue in SalesForce Classic with regards to the upcoming SameSite cookie updates in Chrome 80. Defaulting all cookies to SameSite=Lax seems to be causing embedded VisualForce pages not to load. The VisualForce page loads fine in Lightning, but not Classic.
We use a VisualForce page embedded on Account Pages (added when customizing the account page layout). I even striped the embedded VisualForce code down to the most basic possible (see code below), but it still fails to load. The embedded VisualForce page throws an “login.salesforce.com refused to connect”.
It appears to be because cookies from “visual.force.com” are being blocked. Sample VisualForce page:
<apex:page standardController="Account">
    Hello World

Is there anything that can be done to get past this?
Adam GregoryAdam Gregory
Hi Michael,

We are facing a similar issue where our Connected App (or any VisualForce) page will not load in Classic with the SameSite flags enabled.

However, I just spun up a Spring 2020 preview instance, and VisualForce pages work as expected in that environment, so my hope is that this issue is resolved when Spring 2020 is released globally on February 17th.  Unfortunately, that is 13 days AFTER Chrome 80 is released...

Anyway, hope this helps.


Sindhuja Masiragani 1Sindhuja Masiragani 1
Thanks Michael, Adam, this information is very helpful. I'm also facing same issue with third party app integration. Is there any work around for this scenario to save ourselves for the 13 days gap through Apex or VF temporary development?
Adam GregoryAdam Gregory
Sindhuja - I don't know of a workaround.  Our team is continuing to work on this, so if we discover something, I will report back ASAP.  Best of luck to you!
JoyAnn FisherJoyAnn Fisher
We're on Lightning and some of the issues are so severe we get in a loop of being kicked out of Salesforce... And its related to bigger name integrations like Box. I'm going to follow in case anyone has any luck solving this. 
Adam GregoryAdam Gregory
JoyAnn we are also experiencing the "authentication loop" in certain scenarios, where the login screen opens in a new tab and the session is killed in the previous tab.  As far as we can tell, these issues are internal to Salesforce's handling of cookies between its various domains. 

On a positive note, we've been testing with the beta version of Chrome 80, and at least in beta, the cookie restrictions are not enabled by default.  So our hope is that Spring 20 is in place before Chrome 80 forces the cookie restrictions.  Not sure what else to do at this point...
JoyAnn FisherJoyAnn Fisher

Hey Adam! I found that too - in the Spring release the login loop wasnt an issue but the Visualforce pages still didnt load, so while one problem was sort of solved another is still looming. 

Right now, the timing is 10 days apart - Chrome 80 comes out 2/4 and our release window for Salesforce is 2/15. Boo!