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Lightning Data Service usage

Hi All,
          I am using a LDS to edit a few fields of record using lightning:recordEditForm in the detail page of a record.I used a separate component to display some fields of record to display using lightning:viewForm and this component has a button named as Edit.So If editing is required for the fields just click on Edit button which opens a form Where I used lightning:recordEditForm here we can edit and submit the changes it navigates to record page.It works well only if i include one lookup field and if I include more than 1 lookup field its giving some unexpected errors like Object Object. see the attached image with error msg.
User-added image
Is it a good practice to use LDS over to Apex controllers??
Does LDS gives any unexpected behaviours.why I am asking is sometimes changes are not reflected immediately need to refresh multiple times and even sometimes i logout and again login to see the changes.this is really hesitating...