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Creating Unlocked package with reference to Managed Packages

Made some great advances in using SFDX, GIT and VS, mostly admin related stuff right now but we have a developer coming onboard soon.

One question (for now) how do we deal with custom development against an installed AppExchange app?

i.e. We have Linked In Sales Navigator in Production that requies page layout changes, FlexiPage Components, field permissions etc.  I have installed into a Scratch, built everything and pulled the meta into VS (note I am not trying to amend the Managed Package.)

When I come to create an unlocked package I get errors nearly all related to the managed package.  It will be errors like can't add that field because it already exists BUT that field is being included because I have permissions, layouts and maybe flexipages (with components.).  I don't want to add the base data from the managed package because it is installed in Production aleady.

Does it not work?