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Sumesh ChandranSumesh Chandran 

VsCode - Error updating checkpoints in org

I am having issues updating checkpoints in org. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing vscode, still it didn't work.
Below is the message I get when I try to update:
The local source is out of sync with the server. Push any changes you've made locally to your org, and pull any changes you've made in the org into your local project.
SFDX: Update Checkpoints in Org, Step 6 of 6: Confirming successful checkpoint creation
Ending SFDX: Update Checkpoints in Org
Your checkpoints have errors. Fix the errors listed in the output, then run SFDX: Update Checkpoints in Org again.

As per the message, I have done deploying and retrieving the source, still no use.

Please advise!