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Paul TolentinoPaul Tolentino 

Community API added a number 2 on the site end point

I am unable to establish a connection been my service console and communities chat function.  The community name is
'seller', 'agency', or 'buyer' but for some reason Salesforce is appending
a 2 at the end of the naming convention so the endpoint now is 'seller2'.  This as reason connection failure.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Paul,

Can you post screen shot and add more details were exactly you see number 2 appended.

Vinay Kumar
Ankit Solanki 6Ankit Solanki 6

Hi Mr.Paul,

May you have duplicate community name that’s why salesforce take this name. And using this name connection can’t be failed.

Ankit Solanki 6Ankit Solanki 6
HI @Paul Tolentino, If it's solved, will you mark as solved please ?