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Herish SurendranHerish Surendran 

Hey everyone. Yesterday I was told to perform an automation task using workflow rule. The task was to set the description field ( in Account object) to Account Name when ever an Account record is created.

And he asked me can we use Process Builder for this scenario. I said Yes. So he asked which automation tool is better to perform this scenario. I couldn't answer to this question. Can anyone tell when to use workflow rule and when to use Process Builder, I mean in which scenario should we use workflow rule and in which scenario should we use Process Builder. 
Gaurav Sharma 472Gaurav Sharma 472
For your particular requirement,there is no difference either you use process builder or workflow rule.

But lets say,after sometime your requirement got changed  and you are poulating description fields on some multiple conditions.

if record type = 'A'
Description = Account Name

If record type= 'B'
Description = some other field value

If you are using workflow rule,you will need a new rule for each condition.

But if you had used process builder,you can modify same process builder and add more criteria.

Herish SurendranHerish Surendran
Thanks Gaurav for the reply. I did reply the same thing you have mentioned. But the interviewer was not satisfied with that answer.