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Email Message in Case


Business Requirement:
Once email is received(Email Message of Case),We have to show the unread Email Message in the Enhanced List view of Case.

Need help --> If the user sends the mail via outlook/Gmail,how will those mail will those mail will place under the Respective Email Message in Case Related List.

Thanks in Advance,
Sumitha P
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
My understanding is the behavior is same as attachments 

When an email is sent to E2C address with an Outlook .MSG file as an attachment it shows Attachment_1, Attachment_2, etc. 
  • Classic: You need to go to the email in the “Emails” related list and open the email to see the attachment.
  • Lightning: Attachments are added to the Case Attachments related list. 
a outlook email is saved as .MSG file and sent as an attachment to E2C address it creates a case in Salesforce and once we open the email from the Email related list, you will see that the original attachment (.msg file) is now split into multiple attachments like Attachment_1 and Attachment_2 depending on the number of email threads within the same email which was attached as .msg.

Hi Anudeep,

Can you share knowledge about:
What are the ways to receive mail from outside salesforce(like gmail/outlook) under Case Email object(EmailMessage)?

Sumitha P