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how can we add multiple contacts to multiple accounts ,how to activate them and what are the account teams?

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 

Account Teams: Unless your company is teeny tiny, it’s likely that more than one person works with each account. For example, the team of employees for an account might include a sales rep, sales manager, support agent, support manager, and marketing personnel.

A Salesforce Account Team can contain up to five people, each of whom can be assigned different roles and different levels of access to the account and its opportunities and cases. Like Contact Roles, Account Teams isn’t set up automatically. An administrator must turn it on and set up the roles that each team member can be assigned.

Enable Account Teams
  • From Setup, click Customize | Accounts | Account Teams.
  • Click Enable Account Teams.
  • Select Account Teams Enabled and click Save.
  • Select the account page layouts on which to include the new Account Team related list and click Save. Optionally, you can also select Add to users’ customized related lists to add the Account Team related list for users who have changed their personal settings for Account record pages.
  • Optionally, click Team Roles to review or edit team roles.

Assign an Account Team
  • On the Accounts tab, select an account to view and scroll down.
  • On the Account Team related list, click Add.
  • Click the search icon to select a Salesforce user to assign to the team. If you haven’t set up any other users, the only person that you can assign to the team is yourself.
  • For each team member, select a level of access to the account and to opportunities and cases related to the account.
  • For each team member, select the team member’s role.
  • Click Save.
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